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Mark Opgrande

May 23, 2023


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 23, 2023) – In the past week and a half detention staff, with the assistance of several detainees, administered life saving measures to save five detainees from possible drug overdoses. In each incident, staff were aided by detainees who quickly recognized their fellow detainees in distress and called for help. On Thursday, May 11, 2023, two detainees in a pod suffered apparent overdoses in their holding cell. Several detainees realized the two others were in distress and immediately called for staff. In the second incident which took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, a detainee recognized two female detainees in a receiving holding cell were in distress. Those detainees were critical links to assuring a quick response so staff could begin administering life saving measures. On the same day, around the same time, another detainee in another holding cell possibly overdosed, which caused other detainees to also immediately call for help. In each of these incidents, the detainee’s awareness of what was happening, and the staff’s quick response led to saving lives. Narcan was immediately administered to each detainee. Emergency personnel from EMSA and Oklahoma City Fire Department responded quickly and continued lifesaving efforts. Staff administered 13 doses of Narcan in total. “We cannot stress enough how the drug crisis in the community is making its way into the detention center. Every incoming detainee is thoroughly searched and body scanned. However, the amount of fentanyl it takes to kill someone is so small, it is very hard to detect every time. It only takes two milligrams of fentanyl - the equivalent of a few grains of salt - to kill someone,” said Brandi Garner, Oklahoma County Detention Center CEO. “We will not solve this crisis from the inside out. If people are risking their lives for drugs on the outside, they will continue to look for ways to bring it in the facility. We must stay vigilant and continue to be extremely proficient in our efforts to eradicate contraband from the facility.” We want to publicly acknowledge the selfless acts of two detainees, Damian Dean and Steven Havard, whose actions saved two lives. We are also reaching out to the courts to make them aware of these individual’s actions. We also want to recognize the hard working and dedicated detention officers whose quick response exemplifies what we value at the OCDC. Corrections can be at times a thankless job, but every employee deserves the public’s praise, not only for their actions this past week, but every shift they perform. Captain Jamie McGuckin Lieutenant Ziakiya Byers Lieutenant Barrett Washington Corporal Tyler Reich Corporal Susana Rodriquez Clerk Lori Nix Staff Sergeant Emily Coumanis Sergeant Angela Martinez Sergeant Billie Deprietta Corporal Martina Delaware Corporal Courtney Willis Sergeant Michael Alleman

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