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Our Administration is about change!


"Remaining positive in negative situations is truly a superpower but it’s not enough if you’re determined to be a change-agent. It’s okay to experience negative emotions for a minute - just don’t get stuck there. However, there is a difference in being positive and being optimistic and given any circumstance, I choose optimism. Positivity ignores the reality of a situation - we tell ourselves everything is fine. Optimism accepts current circumstance and chooses to remain hopeful, focuses on the good, and resolves to do things better.

I’m proud to be surrounded by so many people dedicated to making a difference spending their days in such an important and worthy endeavor. I hope they always remain hopeful for the future and actively look for ways to improve. It takes courage and commitment to focus on that when the negative inundates our sources of information such as social media and television. Yet, they persevere and inspire me and I hope they believe in themselves as much as I believe in them." _Brandi Garner CEO

Brandi Garner
Chief Executive Officer

Brandi Garner, a dynamic and results-driven criminal justice executive, currently serves as the visionary leader of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority. With an impressive tenure as the CEO of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, Garner has consistently demonstrated her commitment to transformative change and cultural shifts within this complex organization.

In her role, Garner has spearheaded initiatives that prioritize employee well-being and resident welfare. Notably, she successfully increased staff training to over 440 hours, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. Under her leadership, the detention center witnessed a significant increase in recreation time for residents and the reinstatement of resident programs, promoting a more humane and rehabilitative environment.

Garner's strategic approach extended to collaboration with judiciary and community partners, resulting in a notable reduction in the jail population. This achievement not only showcased her dedication to effective correctional operations but also demonstrated her ability to foster positive relationships with external stakeholders.

Recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction, Garner implemented measures to increase staff pay, ensuring a motivated and dedicated workforce. Her forward-thinking approach is evident in the implementation of technology to reduce redundancy, paper consumption, and streamline processes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and accountability within the organization.


Furthermore, Garner instituted policies and procedures that significantly reduced contraband and improved safety for both residents and staff. Through her visionary leadership, she has created a positive and inclusive work environment, prioritizing accountability, equity, and rehabilitation. Brandi Garner's impact as CEO reflects a commitment to holistic organizational development, emphasizing the well-being of both employees and residents under her care.

Garner's education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and numerous certifications and training hours related to jail and law enforcement administration and organizational leadership. 

Tony Towery
Chief Operating Officer

Tony Towery, Chief of Operations at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, brings an empathetic and passionate leadership style to his role, marked by initiative and integrity in both professional and personal spheres. With a distinguished law enforcement career spanning over two decades, Tony has excelled as a leader, instructor, mentor, and investigator.


Holding the position of Chief of Operations since 2023, he is responsible for the internal daily planning, implementation, and management of the detention center, providing operational leadership and support to the staff. Tony has developed cooperative partnerships and utilized strategic leadership to promote positive organizational change. His commitment to transparency, critical thinking, and being a positive role model aligns with his role as a mentor and peer supporter.


Tony's extensive experience, from serving as a Police Officer to roles in criminal investigations and leadership positions, has equipped him with the skills to navigate complex issues and crises effectively. His educational achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Strategic Organizational Leadership, both earned with distinction. Tony's numerous certifications and specialized training further demonstrate his commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in law enforcement.


Executive Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The executive team of the Oklahoma County Detention Center comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience and robust qualifications, collectively steering the organization into the future. With years of cumulative expertise, and backgrounds encompassing a diverse range of skills, the team is well-equipped to address the complex challenges within the criminal justice system. With a shared commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety, fairness, and accountability, the executive team collaborates to implement innovative strategies and modernize the Detention Center's practices. This cohesive leadership, grounded in a wealth of experience, ensures the organization's adaptability and effectiveness in the evolving landscape of corrections. 

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