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Bonds and Warrants Procedures

How Do I Find Out If There Is a Warrant for My Arrest?

Oklahomans have relatively open and publicly available court records on Oklahoma State Court Network and On Demand Court Records. You can look there, search your name, find any open cases, and see if there are any warrants in those cases or follow the links at the bottom of the page. 

Oklahoma Warrant Clearing Events

Those with active warrants in Oklahoma County are encouraged to participate in Warrant Clearing Events. Hosted several times a year, these events will help you clear traffic, cost, misdemeanor warrants, and revocation. Shuttle Transportation to these events is available. 

For more information visit the following link: OK County Warrant Clearing Event

or call 405-713-1550


Bonds and Warrants


Call 405-713-1930 to inquire about a resident’s bond amount.

For further information regarding posting a bond, call 405-713-1972.


To determine if an individual has an Oklahoma County warrant, you may call the Oklahoma County Court Clerk, go to: OCSO Warrant Search  or call 405-713-1000 and follow the prompts to connect with the warrants division.


To inquire about other counties, view case records at Oklahoma State Court Network Docket Search

For Oklahoma City Traffic/Criminal Case Searches go to Municipal Record Search

How to find a bondsman

Coming Soon. 

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