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NCIC Communications

The following actions or messages will result in a 30-day suspension from video messaging and/or text/photo messaging.

  • Images or conversations that contain anything that may compromise the security of the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

  • Photos, messages, or video visits that contain gang signs, weapons, drugs, or other references to illegal activity.

  • Any messages or material that is intended to incite or promote racism, violence, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

  • Nudity, partial nudity, or sexually suggestive photos.

  • Images containing contraband (including but not limited to lighters, tobacco or drug use, and pornographic material)

  • Destruction of property

  • Violent images or videos, either of animals or humans, that depict abuse or violence in any form.


Photos and messages can be rejected at our monitoring staff’s discretion for any reason. Some common reasons for rejection include nudity, sexually suggestive content, visible undergarments and low-cut tops, visible alcohol and drug paraphernalia, and visible weapons.

Minors must be appropriately clothed and in the company of an adult (18 years of age or older) in all pictures, video messages, and video visitation.

Any video visits, messages, and photos are subject to rejection. All rejections will be provided to the sender with a reason for the rejection.


Contact a Resident

Via Telephone:

All calls within the United States: $0.11 per minute

Calls to Mexico and Canada: $0.25 per minute

All other international calls: $0.35 per minute

Can you give a resident a message or phone number for me?

No, you may set up an account on for phone or video messaging.

Via Video:

Remote (off-site) visitation: $0.30 per minute


$0.25 per message

$0.35 per picture or video message

$0.05 per GIF message

How can I visit a resident?

There is no in-person visitation. All visits are conducted virtually via video.

Anyone wishing to send and receive messages including text, photos, and pictures are required to provide a photo I.D. The photo must be clearly displayed, and all identification must be current. If the photo is not legible, the user will be asked to resubmit the photo. If the identification does not match the name on the account,

the identification will be rejected.

How are the residents notified when they have a video visit?

Notifications appear on the tablet or kiosk in the day room with their name. (Example: John Doe has a video visit at 2:30pm.)

How do residents know if there is money on their books?

They can look on their account on the tablet, kiosk, or the phone.

Money and Deposits:

Money can be added to a resident’s account via the kiosk in the front lobby at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, via, by calling 1-800-943-2189, or through a mailed money order.

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