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Human Resources 

I believe the strength and success of OCDC stems from the health and well-being of our human resources, our employees. Empowering every employee with personal and professional resources to bring their best to the facility begins with access to policies and procedures, a strong training program, physical and mental health resources, and knowledge of rights and responsibilities. From new employees just discovering the rewards and passion in the corrections field to veterans seeking new approaches and perspectives, OCDC Human Resources seeks to serve all employees.  Please contact us for any assistance or information you may need. Your successes are our rewards.

Michele Minietta
HR Director


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Staff Resources 

Michele Minietta

HR Director




We make performance excellence the heartbeat of public safety

Our mission-critical tools ensure the well-being and effectiveness of the public servants who safeguard communities

Karen Evans

HR Generalist



Frequently Asked Questions

When is pay day? 

What's the starting pay rate or salary range?

When do health benefits begin?

Is there a retirement plan?

OCDC currently pays employees on the last business day of each month. However, we are transitioning to a new payroll system, and pay will be twice monthly with the new system. 

Detention Officer and Detention Support Officer start at $3,323.87 per month ($39,886.44 per year). Detention officers, upon successful completion of training and initial service, have the opportunity to promote from cadet to detention officer, which pays $3,459.05 per month ($41,508.60 annually). At one year, assuming strong performance and attendance, you could promote to corporal, which is $3,793.44 per month ($45,521.28 annually). The position is overtime eligible, and overtime is available.

Qualification begins on the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment.

Eligibility to receive Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (401(A)) contributions is effective the first of the month following sixty (60) days of employment for eligible employees. Vesting occurs after five years of service. OCDC contributes the equivalent of 12% of the employee’s pay to the plan. In addition to the Oklahoma County Defined Retirement Plan, Oklahoma County offers eligible employees the opportunity to contribute their own money into a 457 retirement plan.

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