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Greg Couch

Chief Security Systems Officer

 As a graduate of the FBI National Academy (class #272), Greg has cultivated a vast network of executive-level law enforcement contacts, enhancing his ability to navigate complex security challenges effectively.


 In his current capacity, he oversees all security systems and technology infrastructure for a large metropolitan area criminal justice agency, ensuring the safety and protection of network infrastructure, personnel, and assets.


 Greg's leadership extends beyond technology management. He spearheads major projects, such as agency-wide records and jail management software implementations, leveraging his strategic vision and hands-on approach to drive successful outcomes.


 Previously, Greg owned and operated X50 Group, where he conducted extensive financial fraud investigations and managed undercover operations, honing his skills in intelligence analysis and cybersecurity, earning the coveted Security+ certification from CompTIA.


 Throughout his career, Greg has earned numerous accolades for his exemplary service, including a Sheriff’s Commendation Award and the Medal of Valor. His dedication to public safety and commitment to excellence make him a valued leader in the field of security systems administration.


Greg Couch
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