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Mark Opgrande

Dec 30, 2021


OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 30, 2021) – On Wednesday December 29, 2021, an Oklahoma County Detention Officer was terminated and subsequently arrested by the Oklahoma City Police Department. Detention Officer Emma Yandel violated policy by bringing in a cell phone, which was discovered during a random employee search designed to stem the introduction of contraband into the jail. The employee consented to a search of her cell phone. Investigators discovered pictures and videos on the cell phone of a nature we felt needed further investigation. Since the pictures and videos were not taken on the property of the jail, we called Oklahoma City Police. The employee was terminated immediately for violating policy. “We will continue to be proactive and vigilant in our efforts to keep contraband out of the jail,” said Greg Williams, CEO of the Oklahoma County Detention Center. “In this case an employee violated policy by bringing in a cell phone without authorization. A closer look determined the phone needed to be turned over to Oklahoma City Police for further investigation. We will not tolerate any employee, contract worker or visitor who violates policy or the law.”

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