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Mark Oprange

Oct 29, 2021


At 12:55 Thursday afternoon, a detainee was discovered attempting suicide in his cell. The detainee, Craig Weeks (D.O.B. 11/17/1962), was booked into the detention center on Monday October 25, 2021. After being discovered, staff and medical personnel began like saving efforts. He was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Weeks passed away at the hospital Friday afternoon at 12:23. While the investigation is ongoing, we can release information that staff had checked on Weeks several times in the hours leading up to the incident. He was seen on camera at the window of his cell 49 minutes before staff was alerted. An inmate went to the cell for an unspecified reason, noticed Weeks wasn’t responsive and yelled for staff to respond. In this pod, the cell doors were unlocked at the time of the incident, meaning detainees could freely come out of their cells and participate in recreation time. There were numerous detainees outside their cells participating in rec time when the incident took place. The State Medical Examiner’s Office will make a final determination as to the cause of death.

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